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How to Go A Backpack Sundarban Trip?

Sundarban, Sundarban Tour / By Royal Sundarban Tourism Backpack Sundarban Trip: Writing the Blog is the hardest part. We must begin somewhere, I suppose. We’ll start with sundarban jungle travel since that’s what you want. We won’t waste our time calculating how many plants, animals, birds, and reptiles live there or that it has oneContinue reading “How to Go A Backpack Sundarban Trip?”


Importance of Tiger Conservation in India

Vehicle emissions, overexploitation of cities, and excessive consumption of resources have an impression on the ecosystem. But, there’s how you’ll combat sustainable tourism once you travel and respect the environment. Ethical or sustainable tourism is taking under consideration this and future consequences – social, economic, and sundarban jungle trip environmental- in order that they’re controlled,Continue reading “Importance of Tiger Conservation in India”

All need to know for a perfect Sundarban tour!

Situated 109 KM away from the busy metropolitan of Kolkata, Sundarban national park is a must visit during the winters! Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world and has been declared as an UNESCO heritage site. These mangrove forests are spread across a total area of 10,000 square kilometer (out of which 4,000Continue reading “All need to know for a perfect Sundarban tour!”